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To master the art of narrative editing has traditionally taken many years. It is a slow and methodical process and there's a very good reason for this. Most editors are self taught. The illusion within the industry is that if you learn the software inside out, you are an editor. This couldn't be further from the truth.

The intricate complexities of narrative editing are not mastered by learning the software, excellent though all of the main programs are. It would be like memorising the manual for Microsoft Word and thinking you could then go and write a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

At Inside The Edit our mission is simple, we are compressing those many years of isolated self study down to just one year by doing what no one has ever done before. Teaching the actual craft of long form, narrative editing.

The editor has always been a highly skilled artisan and in previous generations you were an apprentice. You assisted a professional editor and watched them over several years from the back of the edit suite. Those days, however, are over.

Inside The Edit was created specifically to replicate that apprenticeship. A highly respected editor guides you through every single part of the structural, journalistic and stylisation aspects of the craft. We didn't want to produce a short term technical course that teaches you very basic editing theory. Instead we've created a year long masterclass that is equivalent to taking a PhD in creative editing.

Profile picture of Paddy Brid

— Paddy Bird, Founder & Tutor

Paddy Bird is one of the most inspired editors I have ever worked with. His understanding of narrative is excellent and the style of his editing is both dramatic and compelling. He is able to enrich films with his excellent feel for music. With all his talent, creativity and hard work, he took the documentaries he cut for me to such a high level of quality that I remain extremely grateful to him.

Ben Fox,
— Emmy Award winning Exec Producer & Show Runner

Our mission

  • Unique creative approach
  • 35 hours of raw documentary footage
  • Dozens of tutorial videos
  • Highly experienced tutor
  • Industry insights and advice
  • Broad spectrum of topics covered
  • Course notes

The Future

We have huge plans for Inside The Edit. We've created a private member's club for high end, professional editing and as a subscriber you’ll receive a constant flow of creative and original content. From new tutorials and essays to stylisation techniques and raw footage, all completely unique in the editing world. We’ll also be introducing many new features that will assist you in learning this beautiful craft.


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