Industry Reviews

I have been crying out in the industry for creative editing training for a number of years. We are all familiar with the system based training where we can teach people what buttons to push and how to use editing software but rarely has there been good courses that explore why and when to push the button, how to make creative decisions and how to create a collaborative relationship inside an edit suite. Finally, with Inside the Edit, we have a course that explains these elements that no other training company or product has been able to define.

— Adam Downey,
Head of Post Production, Sky

This is one of the most engaging, most inspiring, well-constructed, high production value online learning courses I have ever seen. That’s why Avid has partnered with Inside The Edit, to bring this truly unique learning experience to our customers, providing them with the tools to elevate their creative skills in an ever increasing competitive market.

Whether you’re a student looking to get into the industry, a new editor to the craft, a media professional needing to understand the role of the editor in the production process or even a seasoned editor wanting to up their game, everyone can learn something from this pro level, comprehensive course. This is an amazing resource for our industry and will have you falling in love with the creative process of editing.

— Jason Plews,
Senior Director, Global Education Services, Avid

Paddy is one of the industry's most talented editors. The depth and detail of this course gives an unparalleled understanding of how television programmes are made. It could add real value and insight to a career in television.

— Tayte Simpson,
Director of Factual Television at multi award winning Mentorn Media Former Exec Producer of Secret Millionaire & Wife Swap

Paddy is one of the most talented editors I’ve worked with in 20 years of making television in the UK and the US. Not only does he have an innate understanding of how to tell the best story within any genre but with this course he offers you the real world experience and creative tricks of the trade that you won’t find in any text book, media course or film school.

— Mark Powell,
Vice President, Development & Original Programming truTV, Turner Broadcasting

Paddy is one of the best editors around. Versed in all genres and informed by every great movie and documentary, I can’t think of a better teacher. This course is a first, combining creative tutorials with access to a complete set of beautifully shot rushes, director’s notes and scripts. It provides invaluable hands on experience of the television industry.

— Barbie Maclaurin,
BAFTA nominated Director, Locked Up Abroad

No one has ever tried to tackle the art of editing in this way before. It's amazing to see knowledge that is usually passed on or learned alone in dark cutting rooms translated into a digestible form accessible to everyone. The secrets of the cutting room are now being exposed by inside the edit spreading a much deeper understanding of the craft. The insights provided here are an enormous asset to our future editing stars.

— Mark Everson,
Feature film & comedy Editor
Paddington, Alan Partridge, Peep Show, The Mighty Boosh

Anyone can learn the Avid, Final Cut Pro or Premiere programs but only a few really master the art of editing. Finally, here is a course from someone who is respected within the industry and has mastered his craft

— Jenny Byrom,
Executive Producer Channel 4, BBC

This course is totally unique. I have never seen anything else that unmasks the mysteries of editing in such detail. Anyone working or considering a career in television should do this course.

— Russel Trott,
Senior News Producer,
BBC World News

Happy Customers

I am blown away! I wish I would have done this course years ago, I would have done so many edits differently. So many editors can push buttons but very few can tell stories: this course will teach you to do the latter! Amazing!

— Danielle,
Certified Avid, FCP and Premiere instructor, South Africa

To say that the course is great is such an understatement. The course delivers on all fronts and so much more. Paddy has not only given the keys to the craft of prime time level editing, he and his team have created a top-notch curriculum, a step-by-step process for the sole purpose of training high-level editors. This course has saved me so much time. To learn anything close to what I'm learning now would have taken me years. Paddy and his team have set the gold standard for all training courses with its quality and effectiveness.

— Cheng,
Video Journalist at Reuters, Japan

The course is a real eye opener, it helps you understand the details that i took for granted.

My goal is to become a broadcast editor and this course is helping me in every aspect of the job, all of it.

— Seppe,
Student, Belgium

Your course is a game changer

— Ryan,
Editor, Canada

The quality of this course is absolutely mind-blowing! A wonderful learning experience!

— Marcel
New York, USA

I’ve spent over $60K on professional training to master the art of editing. Let me tell you Inside the Edit is the BEST training I’ve ever had.

— Fernando,
Mexico City, Mexico

This is the best editing course I’ve ever seen!

— Stanislav
Miami, USA

They are already calling me “the documentary guy” at work and I get to edit all the fun projects now. I am 100% confident this is directly because of what I’ve learned in this course. THANKS!

— Matt,
New York, USA

Thank you for this amazing course!

— Eric
Utah, USA

I’m absolutely loving this course! It’s truly an incredible piece of education and art.

— Josh,
Colorado, USA