Mon 9th Aug – Sat 14th Aug, 2021

1 Week, 6 Sessions, 24 Hours of Creative Edit Training

What’s on the Course?

Watch Paddy show you everything that’s on the course and why you need to attend.

A Week of Creative Intensity

Strap in because this will be the most intense and creative course we’ve ever designed at Inside The Edit. Our new Summer School simulates the intensity of working at the highest ends of our industry. For a whole week you will learn hundreds of creative skills and techniques in a small and select training group.

Daily Masterclasses

  • Day 1 - Building Perfect Dialogue
  • Day 2 - Cutting Pro Level B Roll
  • Day 3 - Manipulating Pace
  • Day 4 - Crafting The Intercut
  • Day 5 - High End Music Editing
  • Day 6 - The Art of Montage

What Else Is Included?

Daily Tasks

Every day you’ll receive creative tasks for you to achieve. Cut at your own speed with footage that we supply or use your own.

Group Analysis

Every day Paddy takes a selection of submitted work and does a group feedback and analysis session. He’ll talk through what’s good, what’s bad, and break down a creative path to follow to make every sequence as good as it can be.

1 To 1 Sessions

Save years of frustration and guesswork by having Paddy give you the most detailed feedback on your work you’ve ever received. 2 x 30-minute private sessions with the Inside The Edit Founder and he will tell you where your weak points are and what you need to do to break through to the highest level of editing.

Small Select Group

Because of the intimate nature of this course we will only be opening it up to a small group of editors. The group setting, back and forth conversation and interactive nature of the course means that a large group will not work.

Pro level Feedback

How can you tell if your work is any good? How do you know where your weak points are? The simple answer is that you can’t. Professional feedback does not exist anywhere in the industry and without it, you don’t know where and how to improve.

Having a pro level editor give you detailed feedback on your work will save you years of guesswork. And on our Summer School you will have two half hour session with Paddy where he will give you detailed analysis of your cuts and what you need to work on to get to a pro level.

Course Details


Monday 9th August – Saturday 14th August


Daily sessions run from 4pm – 8pm BST


£999.00 plus VAT (where applicable)


We are expecting this course to be oversubscribed very quickly and so we advise you to apply early to avoid disappointment. This level of intensity isn’t for everybody and so please only apply if this appeals to you.

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We stream live from London at 4pm BST. This equates to:

Los Angeles: 8am
New York: 11am
Rio de Janeiro: 12pm
Paris: 5pm
Moscow: 6pm
New Delhi: 8:30pm
Tokyo: 12am
Sydney: 1am (+1)

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