Unique Creative

Learn how to create an engaging narrative, and perfect the art of story telling



Learn from the best in the business with 20 years of documentary and entertainment editing experience


35 hours of
raw footage

Up to 2TB of Raw Footage to practice techniques and principles learned



A learning experience that transcends any editing course on the market

The Magic of Editing


Imagine if you could look at any genre of raw footage be it documentary, drama, reality, news or corporate and instinctively know the perfect way to structure, pace and stylise it into something that can be watched by millions of people. This is exactly what we teach at Inside The Edit.

Inside The Edit is the only course in the world that teaches the actual art of editing to a professional level. It is a transformational, creative journey that shapes you into an elite storyteller.

Every other editing course focuses on the technical side of editing software but Inside The Edit focuses solely on the actual art of editing, through hundreds of concepts, techniques and principles that will transform you into an employable filmmaker.

The Course

The World's Only Professional Creative Editing Course

Starting from £39.95/month (APPROX $50)

  • Highly structured course
  • Huge vault of creative tutorials
  • 35 hours of raw footage
  • Creative tasks, transcripts, scripts
  • Pro level industry insights