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Are you Drowning in a Sea of Technical Editing Courses?

It’s frustrating that every single course on the market teaches you all about the software but nothing about how to edit. The industry doesn’t care how many buttons you’ve memorised, it cares whether you can craft powerful films.

Start focusing on the skills clients actually want.

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We know how overwhelming it is trying to learn how to edit. We also know how frustrating it is that all everybody wants to teach you is which button to press. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our step by step course is used by thousands of editors in over 50 countries to master the art of editing.

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Learning the art of editing is tough. Most professional editors are self taught which is why it takes them many years of trial and error to learn. This is a daunting task to any newcomer. Unfortunately, most people also think that just by learning the software it makes you a professional editor, nothing can be further from the truth.

At Inside The Edit our goal in simple. To help you master all of the creative skills that you need to become an elite level editor that everyone wants to work with.

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The Power Of Music Editing: Part 1

Sat 4th Dec, 3pm GMT

Music is one of the most powerful forces on the human consciousness. It is also one of the greatest weapons an editor can have when crafting the emotional journey of the audience. A perfectly scored scene can make our viewers laugh, cry, shock them or break their hearts.

However, next to nothing is taught about the actual rules of how to cut music to a professional level. Search the internet and you’ll find very little in the way of music editing theory and techniques.

This is why we’ve developed a series of 2 hour, live Bootcamps dedicated to mastering this little known part of the art of editing.

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