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EDIT ESSAY: Zen and the edit suite - 10 key secrets to career success

Paddy's latest Edit Essay looks at all of the essential elements to consider when crafting a career that don't have to do with your creative abilities. What are the things you can do outside of your cutting skills that can ensure directors always want to work with you?

This essay was published by the always inspirational Mentorless.com.

PODCAST: Paddy talks to Indie Film Hustle PART 2

Paddy talks again to the always charming and hilarious Alex Ferrari over at Indie Film Hustle. The two geek out on the new Star Wars movie (don't worry, no spoilers were dropped) and then get in depth on how to craft the best freelance career. Listen out for Alex's crazy crocodile story, it really is crazy. Definitely check out Indie Film Hustle. It is an amazing site full of brilliant articles and resources. Within a few short months Alex has created the most listened to podcast about filmmaking  on iTunes. Respect.


In Part 2 of this fascinating interview which first appeared over with our friends at No Film School Eddie goes into more depth around his creative process. He explains to Paddy how he approaches action scenes and dialogue scenes completely differently and what he looks for in a score. He also talks about many of the most common problems he finds and how he solves them as well as his thoughts on other genres and what it takes to make it as a pro level editor.


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Kingsman: Secret Service, Kick Ass 1 & 2 and X Men editor Eddie Hamilton is one of the biggest action cutters in the industry today with a list of credits that would make anyone envious.

He sat down with Paddy and talked through his career trajectory, his personal thoughts on the craft and a ton of amazing advice for new filmmakers. This interview first appeared with our friends over at No Film School.


NO FILM SCHOOL: Manipulating pace & timing

Many scenes have one overall tempo but we often want to change the pacing at a certain point for a specific dramatic reason. A Gear Change is the editing term used for that exact point in our scene where we alter the pacing to bring about that change. When do we do it? Why do we do it? How is it achieved?  Read the article and watch our tutorial over at our friends, No Film School.

NO FILM SCHOOL: A Powerful editing technique

One of the least understood aspects of editing a character's words is the ability to compress and decompress time for maximum effect. Knowing this technique and when exactly to apply it can dramatically change any scene for the better. Watch the tutorial and read the article over at our friends, No Film School.

PODCAST: Paddy Bird talks to Indie Film Hustle

Listen to Paddy's 90 minute podcast with Indie Film Hustle Founder Alex Ferrari. Paddy and Alex give a detailed masterclass on the role of the editor, common problems and techniques and some of their crazy times in the edit suite.

EDIT ESSAY: Secrets to becoming a freelance editor

Read Paddy's latest essay on the Secrets To Becoming A Freelance Editor over at Indie Film Hustle. He offers a ton of unique advice on crafting the perfect career. Also you must check out the rest of the Indie Film Hustle site, it really is awesome and we're all big fans of it here at Inside The Edit.


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EDIT ESSAY: Compression, Correction & The Psychology of Framing

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EDIT ESSAY: Observing The Human Condition

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