Crafted for Creatives

TV Filmmakers

Inside The Edit has been specifically created for anyone working or wanting to work in the narrative based television found in high end documentaries, entertainment shows and reality TV.

The future of television is the multi talented filmmaker. In todays broadcast world filmmakers are expected to excel in every aspect of the process. Mastering creative editing gives any aspiring program maker an unbelievably powerful edge over the competition. After completing this course you will know how to edit to a professional standard.

Production Companies & Broadcasters

Creative editing is the least understood aspect of the television process. As an editor you spend hours watching, analysing and crafting raw footage. You learn what’s good, what’s bad, what’s been shot well, what hasn’t and most importantly, how to fix it.

Training your staff in broadcast level editing will cut hours of expensive production time off of your shooting schedules. If a person knows how to edit, they know what to shoot, how to shoot it and when to stop shooting. There is a reason that people in the industry say ‘editors make the best directors’.



Inside The Edit is 100% creative. We do not teach anything to do with the inner workings of any software. We demo on Avid’s Media Composer but as our course is creative and not technical you can cut on Adobe’s Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro just as easily.

However, when learning any technical art form it’s important to have a basic grasp of the workflow. If you can mark clips, edit them onto the timeline and trim, you’re ready.

This course is perfect for…

  • Editors who wish to bring a fresh creative dimension to their work
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Camera operators
  • Edit assistants
  • Assistant Producers
  • Production Assistants
  • Media & Films Students
  • Videographers



Editors learn in isolation and pick up the hundreds of skills and techniques needed over many years of analysis and self teaching. The Inside The Edit course is the first time that the secrets of the edit suite have been available to the public, as most of our content has never been written down before.

Our tutorials are a mix of high end editing theory, footage analysis and timeline demonstration that teach the actual artistic process of creative editing.

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Learning all of the techniques, concepts and theories of high end editing is essential in order to build a sustainable career. But mastering the editor's mindset is also an enormous part of the job. Not only are pro editors highly skilled creative artists, they are also psychologists, diplomats and social chameleons. Learning these secondary skills makes you a highly sought after editor. In each episode of Outside The Edit we cover a new secondary skill that will turn you into a magnet of employability. Free to all Pro and Elite members.

Benefits of the course

  • Unprecedented content
  • Dozens of tutorial videos
  • 35 hours of raw footage
  • Creative tasks
  • Highly experienced tutor
  • Industry insights and advice
  • New content added regularly

Watch our videos on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Lesson Topics

video tutorials

Everything you need to become a professional editor.


  1. 01 Introduction & Fundamentals
  2. 02 Setting up & Organising
  3. 03 Breaking down your footage
  4. 04 Laying down your sync
  5. 05 Painting Pictures: Concepts
  6. 06 Perfecting The Pictures
  7. 07 Pace & Timing
  8. 08 Cutting Actuality
  9. 09 Intercutting
  10. 10 Creating Professional Sync
  11. 11 Hiding Everyday Problems

Coming soon

  1. 12 Scoring concepts
  2. 13 Basic scoring techniques
  3. 14 Advanced scoring techniques



[met-uh-mawr-fuh-sis] noun.
1. A complete change in form, structure or appearance from one stage to the next.

Creative Editing is the art of a thousand tiny adjustments and a great skill any editor can have is the ability to detect minute changes in what they’re constructing. We’ve developed dozens of exercises that sharpen this ability to study timelines, montages and rough cuts in this analytical way.

Raw footage shop

The greatest way to maximise your employability as a professional editor is to master as many genres as possible. Inside The Edit members have access to The Raw Footage Shop, a growing library of pro level rushes from multiple productions. Nowhere else within the industry can provide you with this vital learning tool.