How Do You Build Your Timeline?

Inside The Edit is here for just one reason… to transform you into a powerful creative editor. We are not interested in teaching you software, codecs or anything technical. We’re interested in teaching you the art of editing.

How do we want to make our audiences feel? How do we construct a dramatic narrative? How do with build stunning visual cutting patterns? These are the questions a creative editor asks, and these are the concepts we teach you at Inside The Edit.

What’s in each level?

Level 1

Level 1 - Fundamentals

In this first level we look at all the preliminary skills in crafting a coherent rough cut. From breaking down the footage to structuring the narrative to painting the B Roll, Level 1 lays the foundations of the editing artist’s mindset.

Chapter 1: Introduction & Fundamentals

Getting into the mindset of the editor. From what's expected of us, to how to start thinking like a professional.

Chapter 2: Setting Up & Organising

Organisation is everything in narrative editing. How to set up and structure the perfect workflow for creativity.

Chapter 3: Breaking Down Your Footage

Classifying, organising and compartmentalising every single style of footage we come across in primetime television production.

Chapter 4: Laying Down Your Sync

The spine or structure of numerous television scenes. How to create a perfect journalistic sync structure within any type of sequence.

Chapter 5: Painting Pictures: Concepts

Probably the most enjoyable part of narrative editing. Learning the beautiful art of picture cutting so that our images compliment our sync in the very best way.

Level 2

Level 2 - Intermediate

Through hundreds of high-end creative concepts, techniques and stylisation principles, Level 2 takes you on a creative journey that turns your rough cuts into beautiful works of polished art.

Chapter 6: Perfecting The Pictures

Ironing out and perfecting all of the nuances within picture cutting so that all of our sequences are a perfect visual experience.

Chapter 7: Pace & Timing

Crafting the perfect tempo for every single type of scene we come across, no matter what genre we're working in.

Chapter 8: Cutting Actuality

One of the most popular styles of television shooting within television. Everything we need to know about cutting this deceptively difficult genre.

Chapter 9: Intercutting

Learning the beautiful art of intercutting across its many sub genres. Taking two or more separate elements and weaving them together seamlessly.

Chapter 10: Creating Professional Sync

How to tidy up all of those tiny sync based problems so that every scene we construct sounds perfect.

Level 3

Level 3 - Advanced

Mastering the skills in Level 3 takes you into the highest ends of editing. Scoring and visual flare are the skills that the most respected editors use every day to cut the biggest television shows and films in the world.

Chapter 11: Hiding Everyday Problems

Learn the art of visual correction as we go through in fine detail all of the major issues we find out there in the pro world.

Chapter 12: Scoring Concepts

Scoring is the most fascinating and fun part of the editing process. This is the time when we start to see our scenes go from rough cut assembly to near finished works of art. Something really exciting happens when we lay a track down onto our pictures and sync for the first time.

Chapter 13: Basic Scoring Techniques  Coming Soon

Chapter 14: Advanced Scoring Techniques  Coming Soon

Chapter 15: Stylisation & Montage  Coming Soon

Your Tools to Becoming a Powerful Creative Editor

35 Hours of Raw Footage

Professional edit training requires professional Raw Footage and as a member of Inside The Edit you get complete access to our feature length documentary Cities at Dawn. You can either download it at low res as part of your membership or upgrade to our hi-res Pro Drive.

Outside The Edit:
Professional Edit Psychology

Building a sustainable career in editing is complex. The goal is to have directors and producers wanting to work with you again and again. Our edit psychology series, Outside The Edit, teaches you all the behavioural skills you’ll need to have clients fighting to book you.


Editing is the art of a thousand tiny adjustments and in Metamorphosis we’ve developed dozens of visual exercises that sharpen your analytical editing mind.

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say


“I am blown away! I wish I did this course years ago, I would have done so many edits differently. Amazing!”


Certified Avid, FCP and Premiere Instructor, South Africa

“Finally, with Inside The Edit, we have a course that explains creative elements that no other training company or product has been able to define.”

Adam Downey

Head of Post Production, Sky


"This course has saved me so much time. To learn anything close to what I’m learning now would have taken years. Paddy and his team have set the gold standard for all training courses.”


Video Journalist at Reuters, Japan

“This is one of the most engaging, most inspiring, well constructed, high production value online courses I have ever seen. Inside The Edit is an amazing resource for our industry and will have you falling in love with the creative process of editing.”

Jason Plews

Senior Director, Global Education Services, Avid


“This is the best editing course I’ve ever seen!”


Miami, USA

“I’ve spent over $60k on professional training to master the art of editing. Let me tell you Inside The Edit is there BEST training I’ve ever had.”

Fernando Maganda

Editor / Producer, Mexico


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Choose a Plan to Suit You

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