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Inside The Edit Bootcamp has been designed for creatives who love to compress their learning into short, intense bursts. Our live streaming webinars are packed with an enormous amount of creative editing theory, analysis and live interaction that does not exist anywhere else in the industry.

If you love to learn but would rather do it in a live and immersive environment, then Inside The Edit Bootcamp is for you.

How is this different from Inside The Edit?

Inside The Edit is the world’s only professional level creative editing course. It is used by thousands of high-end filmmakers around the world who enjoy self-directed learning. However, our Bootcamp webinars are created for people who prefer to learn in an interactive environment. Our live sessions allow us to expand our learning and go into more depth than the online course.

  • Ask questions in the dedicated Q & A sessions.
  • Deeper creative analysis than the online course.
  • Live studies of dozens of sequences and creative concepts.
  • Compress months of learning into one live session.

Learn From Anywhere in the World

Gone are the days where you need to travel far and wide to a training centre, conference hall or film school. ITE Bootcamp can we be done from the comfort of your living room and from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’re good to start learning.

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Each Bootcamp is themed around specific areas of creative editing and are deliberately scheduled at weekends in order to fit in around work.

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Bootcamp 9

The Power Of Music Editing: Part 1

Music is one of the most powerful forces on the human consciousness. It is also one of the greatest weapons an editor can have when crafting the emotional journey of the audience. A perfectly scored scene can make our viewers laugh, cry, shock them or break their hearts.

However, next to nothing is taught about the actual rules of how to cut music to a professional level. Search the internet and you’ll find very little in the way of music editing theory and techniques.

This is why we’ve developed a series of 2 hour, live Bootcamps dedicated to mastering this little known part of the art of editing.

In The Power Of Music Editing: Part 1 you’ll learn:

  • The purpose of the score
  • Auditioning tracks
  • Designing musical tonality
  • Selecting genre and tempo
  • Assigning musical elements

These are the fundamental principles of high end music editing that every professional editor should know. Mastering these will put you at the very top of our art form.

Date: 4 Dec 2021, 3 p.m. BST

Duration: 2.0 hours

Price: £49

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Yes, you have access to your purchased Bootcamps for 30 days after purchase.

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